Do you want it all?

Do you want it all?

Let's face it.  We all want to be fit, energetic and young forever.  If you aren't you want to be, if you are, you could do better, be stronger, look better...  It's a good addiction to have but sometimes we don't have the right information to reach our peak performance for our lives. Give me that magic pill!

I have always been searching for that vital link, answers to my issues with digestion, skin and low energy.  I always wanted to be more fit and steer clear of any injury.  SO I went to school for psychology, and I went back to study yoga, massage, outdoor leadership, and held a long career in snowboarding.  I studied nutrition, performance, experimented and walked the walk. AND I am here to tell you I can have coached many people into "having it all" - the best diet personally for your physiology and goals, the perfect yoga practice to balance your mind, stress, sport and physical activity, fitness ideas, and an accountability program that you will follow to achieve your goals in all areas of your life.

It's a whole picture program - that's what I wanted so that's what I do!  I offer a VIP package to clients: including a health coaching session to set lifestyle, fitness and health goals, a private yoga session to design a personal practice with video, sports massage, and a 3 month series of calls to revise, review and set goals. It has been truly transformational for all of my clients - I can't even explain how much they learn about themselves and how small changes make huge impacts!  SO believe me - you can have it all.

If I could have talked to younger self - when I had skin problems and they gave me antibiotics, when I had digestive issues and they gave me medicine, and more medicine to help the ulcers and the digestive issues I had caused by all the synthetic crap I was taking. I could have solved all of those problems with a personally designed diet.

Fortunately, I caught myself early in my athletic career and started yoga - that has made a world of difference. No injury, no time out and always balanced.  I am happy to have started when I did and I am constantly learning.

I love to share my story and all my insights with seekers.

Seekers for the truth on what's right for them. Is Paleo the answer, what about carbs, and what kind of yoga should I do to make the most impact to my goal? What's your question?

I was at the gym this am and I asked one of the beautiful super fit women there what she was training for and she said life. I love that answer more than anything.  It's totally true, we are all in training for life.  That vitality and strength that we embody and share with everyone we meet.

Fit for life.  What's your story?