Delicious foods for keeping a healthy heart!

Delicious foods for keeping a healthy heart!

Reduce cholesterol and keep your ticker happy by introducing these delicious foods into your diet now!  These are just a few I integrate into my diet and I love them….

1. Apples, have polyphenols, which shield cholesterol from free-radical assaults. These amazing fruits contain pectin, which blocks absorption of cholesterol, and fiber, which sweeps out cholesterol. A recent study found that one apple a day could lead to a 40% decrease in LDL cholesterol! Eat your apple in the morning by itself or in a smoothie with some yogurt, and blueberries : )

2. Walnuts, salmon, almonds, are all rich in omega 3s which protect the heart and blood vessels from inflammatory changes and help maintain the elasticity of the larger arteries.

3. Chia Seeds, just a spoonful of these gems on your salad on in your smoothie, helps reduce bad cholesterol and plaque buildup.

4. Oats and blueberries in the am!  Oats reduce cholesterol and blueberries contain reservatol and flavonoids, which help prevent heart disease.

5. Green tea reduces the risk of blood clots.

6. Garlic – One clove a day can reduce cholesterol and make the blood less sticky, preventing blood clots.

7. Broccoli, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and sweet peppers… all full of antioxidants and great for your heart.

8. Dark Chocolate (70% cacao), red wine, and coffee — do your own research–but each one, in moderation, has positive benefits for your heart and your mind : ) Yummy!

For more reading go to, or Super food, Super juice, Super health by Michael Van Straten.