Define your passion, solidify your skill set

Define your passion, solidify your skill set

My passion is health, natural healthy living and coaching people, now how to amazing make money doing it is the question! THIS 15 day challenge put the goals and guidelines in place for a structured plan for freedom, love and money. Kaboom!

Plans are invaluable but also only a guideline.  I was always afraid of plans because if I had a career goal and didn’t achieve it then it’s a big fat fail. SO no plans, just be present and go with the flow. Does that sound familiar?

However, this 15 day challenge about inspiring freedom, health, and goals in life was just that. A goal. It was something that was a short amount of time, achievable and thought provoking with no real consequences. I did it and I clarified my passion, my path, and my goals! I defined my passion, solidified my skill set and am going for gold.

Every blog challenge is insightful and you can learn from all your FB friends on the challenge as well – which I lOVE.

The best blog challenge I found was ( all of them) but putting goals on the calendar and in a post with the dates attached.  You can always change dates, however there is something amazing about putting a launch date out for a cool program and working back to achieve it. PUT YOUR GOALS ON THE CALENDAR TODAY.

I have tons of cool clean eating detox programs with a Natural Health Care EDGE, workshops, retreats and personal development time for me.  I now can take on the challenges set out to me by colleagues and mentors in a timely manner.  I am more organised and not just busy, busy.

I was simply inspired and excited by just to writing down and thinking about me, my life and my career for 2 weeks. I LOVED IT, and I am already getting better at writing, inspiring and setting goals. I want to inspire this growth in others and achieve my goals as well!

What can you inspire in yourself and others JUST by blogging for 15 days?

The challenge is on!  And remember it’s just writing for 15 days, no matter how short and you have tons of support. And if you have a blog you would like to share about healthy living, yoga, food, sport or the great outdoors I would love to feature you on

Enjoy your pages and hope to see you on the flip side!