Declutter, Renew and RESTORE

Declutter, Renew and RESTORE

When we talk about the “clutter” we usually think of the garage, a house full of too many possessions, and things we don’t use but haven’t thrown away.  But I’d like to think about clutter today as things we take on!

I always love a new challenge, workout, eating program, training program, how to guide, recipe book, yoga sequence, travel option, and video or webinar to make me a “better” person. Quite often I sign up with high hopes that this program or this training is the one! It’s going to make me skinny, wealthy, stronger… which of course it will IF I finish it or commit to it ALL the WAY.

So here’s my personal challenge, I am going to declutter or simply commit to only one task or goal at a time instead of filling my personal “inbox” with a ton of training programs that are unfinished.  I will stay with one fitness program, one eating program, and one business training program. I WILL give it my full attention, remaining present,  focused and excited to complete to accomplish my goals. Do you sometimes do the same?  I can be tricky and mask my unfinished business with “it’s research.” –  I love it, so comical.

HOWEVER, I know I will receive more valuable info about myself and my business if I do a little research, contemplation, and then ACTION what item or program best fits my needs. SO GAME ON!

And that’s a wrap and DAY 12 in the 15 DAY blog challenge completed!  Thank you Natalie helping me stay focused and decluttering my inbox!