The Coffee Ritual

The Coffee Ritual

It is a common assumption that as Americans, we have low levels of brain function before consuming our morning cup of Joe. I’m no exception. If their are two things I enjoy most it’s rituals and coffee.

From Sproutman’s Kitchen Garden Cookbook by Steve Meyerowitz:

The pick-up power of traditional coffee is not nutritional. Rather, its effect is four-fold:

Ritual. The routine has a ceremonial sacredness. We covet the cup and the power within it.

Emotional. There is an emotional attachment to it and the perceived result.

Chemical. Addiction to caffeine. The test of any chemical addiction is the presence of physical withdraw symptoms upon quitting.

Mental Program. The effect of these three factors is your create a subconscious mental program necessitating the early morning coffee in order to function. Those who have missed their morning beverage often complain of being out of synch during the day or not having truly awakened.

Foods additions are common and coffee is probably not as deleterious as sugar or alcohol. However, it is a cultural habit that can be replaced with more better beverage choices.

Don’t worry I’m one of you. I’m practicing my Coffee Ritual right now!  Here are three ways to make your Coffee Ritual more nutritious:

  1. Drink Espresso. Many people think that espresso has more caffeine than regular drip coffee due its strong taste. In fact it has less. During brewing, steam passes through the grounds having less time to soak-up the caffeine. If the flavor is too strong, dilute with some water.
  2. Switch to Coconut, Almond or Another Nut-Based Milk. Nut-milks are nutritionally superior and preferred to the use of the animal milks. Try making your own by blending up your nut butter with some water in your blender. It’s really easy and very economical.
  3. Substitute a Natural Sweetener Over Refined White Sugar. Try Honey, Agave Nectar, Stevia or even Xylitol. Natural sweeteners have a lower glycemic index than refined white sugars, keeping insulin levels more stable in your blood.

I hope these suggestions enhance your Coffee Ritual. They have certainly made mine richer, healthier and tastier.