Change your perspective of your backyard!

Change your perspective of your backyard!

Don’t miss out. Explore. What if it rains tomorrow? What could you do in the spur of the moment today that will inspire you about the place you are living or visiting?

Seriously, give yourself 10 minutes to think about it and set it up as a to do over the weekend. Seriously, do it.

What is your mantra about travel or your home?  Home is beauty. Home is love. Home is active!

I love where I live, it’s amazing. Whether it’s Colorado snow or a NZ beach. I get out every day, I will run in the rain and find beauty in the view. I remember this silly movie with Natalie Portman and at one point she does this crazy little dance standing in her room. She points out that no one has done that “dance” at that time in that space ever before.  It’s her room, she’s lived in it forever, yet she finds something to do that has never been done before.  I like that thought.

I have lived in all tourist locations all my adult life. I have worked holidays, I have lead tours, given lessons, taken people out on the town as if I was looking at my home as a tourist – they are so curious, so inspired by the surroundings and it is always refreshing. I have never taken the beauty of my surroundings for granted and never will.

However, sometimes I get in habits. I ride the same trail, I go to the same restaurant, I run the same run, I take the same way to the store. I am sure you do this too! It’s methodical and super safe and it was fun before so I’ll keep doing it.

SO here’s my challenge to myself is to do what Natalie did in the movie – if it’s the same run – at the end I’ll throw in a mediation or smell the flowers on the way home, I’ll skip, jump or go faster. AND two, I’ll explore to one new area, trail, coffee shop, veggie patch, or another area of NZ every week. I’ll be curious and see what happens!

Be curious. Be active. Be spontaneous. Love the life you live!