The Benefits of a Meditation Practice

The Benefits of a Meditation Practice

Every morning I wake up, tend to my pets, brush my teeth and settle in for some meditation. The type of meditation I choose varies from guided recordings to a repetition of mantras to silent sitting while trying to clear my mind. Regardless of the style, I find that the benefits of a meditation practice in the morning helps to set me up for success throughout the day. Let’s explore some of those successes.

Meditation increases the creation of serotonin, the hormone responsible for your mood and behavior. Increased levels of this “attitude hormone” can help to keep depression at bay as well as uplift your mood.

Clearing your mind and setting a daily intention can also, believe it or not, boost your immune system. Bacteria and viruses will have a harder time in you body with meditation being a regular part of your daily routine.

The moments set aside for inner awareness naturally decreased respirations and lower blood pressure.

For those of you who get stressed easily, meditation can reduce your cortisol levels. Stress can aggravate inflammation in the body. Reducing your stress therefore will reduce inflammation. Feeling stressed in the middle of the day? Take some time for yourself and meditate.

Meditation can also help memory improvement. I often find that thoughts that have been trapped in my mind for years resurface during times of meditation.

The practice of daily meditation is easy and different for each person. If you don’t already have a daily devotion to yourself, try starting today. You’ll be surprised after a week at the changes your notice in yourself.