Bali Yoga Retreat – 2014

Bali Yoga Retreat – 2014

Have you ever dreamed of a space to just let go.  No cell, no work, no worries.  A place you can fully immerse yourself with like minded people who share your passion for travel, yoga, surf, health and the power of the ocean?  Do you want to go to a retreat that you actually learn and make changes that can enhance your life?

That without these changes in fitness, health, energy, rest, and inspiration – you will not evolve to enhance your life and live every day to the fullest you can.  You want this education, this break, this community even more than you can imagine right now.  You will come out rejuvenated and strong,  powerful and decisive in your yoga practice, and have the tools to make the healthiest choices in food for your body and your sport.

You will also satisfy your quest and passion for travel, the easy way.  No hassles in coming to a different country – none of the planning and drama.  Just you and your holiday.  Literally everything is planned and taken care of for you as soon as you get off the plane.

This adventure is for you if you love being by a beautiful beach with the option to surf or just enjoy the sun.  You want to learn more about yoga and know how it can benefit your life. You love eating well and feeling energised. You want to learn about how to create healthy habits and how to make delicious meals, maybe overcome any allergies.  You want to learn or excel at surfing at a world class location.  You are done being “fine, thanks” and want to be amazing, charged and inspired.  You love taking care of yourself and want to relax at the same time as pushing your boundaries.

Spaces still available! Check the Bali Retreat Page for details and then email me to find out more and secure your spot.  Love to have you, you do not want to miss this retreat.  If you have gotten to this point in the post, you have to sign up now.  It’s for you!!!!!