Bali Bliss, Tips on how to be prepared

Bali Bliss, Tips on how to be prepared

I’m a traveler, a dreamer and I love to be prepared. For the last 7 years, I have “lived” in Costa Rica twice, visited Bali 4 times, and worked in New Zealand off and on until now.  I have lived an endless winter and then flipped it to an endless summer! I have lead yoga wellness retreats in Bali, and my next one is April 25 at Soulshine in Bali, so I’m in full prep mode right now.

I would love to offer you some tips and tricks I have learned along the way to keep me grounded, happy, safe, and healthy. This does pertain to traveling in general but specifically tropical areas or unfamiliar climates.

My top 6 tips on preparing for an overseas adventure:

1. Boost your immunity.

I do this by taking the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack ( a multivitamin, omega 3, and an essential oil supplement). But whatever you take –  make sure it’s absorbable and easy on your stomach.  You can read about the doTERRA supplements here. I also travel with Breathe and On Guard essential oils to boost immunity on the plane and to ward off unwanted bugs from hanging around. I recommend to sniff breathe and take the on guard beadlets.

2. Boost your gut health!

I also take a probiotic (PB assist) and make sure I have plenty of good foods for my gut flora. The gut is the key to great immunity and avoiding any kind of digestive issues with new foods.

For example: sauerkraut, kefir, dark chocolate, kombucha, and miso are great ones to integrate into your diet before you go. Check out this article about great foods for gut health.

3. Get all the info you can from friends and friends of friends who have been there.

The best info you can get about where to go and what to do is from people like you that have been there. I know so much more now than the first time I went to Bali.  I have places I love to eat, drink, stay and surf.  I have drivers and friends there too, it’s amazing.  So my advice is to talk, Facebook, and ask around!

4. Pack your essentials always.

If you love your face wash or your sunscreen don’t save space by leaving those at home.  You can’t always find something natural or hypoallergenic at the drop of a hat, so if you will look better and feel better with it – loose the extra tank top and bring your favourite shampoo.  Some people may disagree with this, however I made this mistake with sunscreen ( and got whatever) and was red and itchy, no good.

5. Find out about the exchange rate, how to tip and treat locals : )

There is nothing worse than going somewhere and you have absolutely no idea how much money you just spent on the taxi ride.  Or you pay for your hotel and don’t tip the gentleman who helped you with your bags, when you should.  I now live in a culture that does not tip at all and I used to live in the States, where that was the majority of my income.  So take note, tip well and know the currency.

6. Organize an airport pick up with one night accommodation.

It is great to be able to get off the plane in a new place and go to a nice hotel that was recommended.  It can set your mind at ease and I do recommend this in Bali.  However in Bali if your hotel does not do a pick up – there is a taxi stand that is easily accessible as you leave the gates.  And make sure that you have the telephone number and correct address of your accommodation as taxi drivers sometimes get lost ; )

Hope your travels are safe, healthy and full of amazing adventures!

If you would like to join me in Bali I have space for my June 7-13, Yoga Nourish Retreat by the Sea in Balangan. Check out my website for details or email today to book your room.  I am also providing a special for couples who surf and yoga – interested?

Happy Traveling and feel free to contact me for advice on Bali, NZ, Costa…  : )

XO Christina

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