Amazing assists, headstands, and more

Amazing assists, headstands, and more

What do you do on a rainy Sunday in Wanaka?

IMG_1327Let’s learn how to make our yoga practice – better, stronger, more fluid and receive the most benefits while doing so!!

Starting with Wild Orange and Peppermint doTERRA essential oils we shared the invigorating scents and established a focused and present sun salutation sequence.

Even though you may do the practice everyday or maybe your first time, there is always a little more to learn.

As Bel Jones simply stated this am after attending a few of my 2 hour workshops ” There were poses I had seen others do and never expected I would be able to accomplish.  But after some simple instruction and assistance I can do it!”  It’s just trying to get out of your own way and focusing on what you can do and taking the steps slowly with precision to accomplish the pose.  Everyone is different…. and having fun with the journey of getting into the posture is the practice in itself.

Awesome team this afternoon and looking forward to Thursdays workshop, always different, always inspiring, always fun!