A Mixture of Modalities

A Mixture of Modalities

mo•dal•i•ty: a therapeutic method or agent.

A couple of years back, my now husband told me about a holistic doctor a few towns over that practices NAET: Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique. He shared with me the huge success he personally had with reducing his asthma triggers and the process that he went through with the doctor to reach that. “You should try it”, he said. Ok. I have a science background and needed to do a little bit of research. Look it up for yourself. It sounds crazy! How can you hold this probe and have vibrations imprinted onto water and then someone gives you a gentle massage and tapes your fingers together and tells you not to cross your legs and to avoid salt and sugar for 24 hours and POOF: you’re healed. No I was not going to visit this Witchdoctor. A year later I went. It really was magic. All those cravings I had before disappeared within a month. Sleep issues: dissolved. I couldn’t deny it worked and decided then and there that I no longer needed to fully understand how a modality functions. I simply needed to try it, trust the practitioner and without judgment decide if it helped me or not.

When trying to better our bodies, there is no one right way. Some of us will go to the gym aiming to get our heart rate up to that target number. Some of us will visit our homeopath on a regular basis. And some of us will be very careful about what we eat. Will just one healthy practice in our routine drive us into the best shape of our lives? No. But a variety pack of modalities just might do the trick!

There are many types of health practitioners surrounding you in your community that you may or may not be aware of. Even though they may be available to you does not mean you NEED every one of them. You get the delightful opportunity to pick and choose what works for you. What works for one person will not necessarily work for the next. But please try out different options. How do you know if Reiki works for you if you have not tried it? Or aromatherapy? Try to regularly engage in at least three of the different focus areas listed below. I’ve given a few examples of each.


TRADITIONAL: Acupuncture, Ayurveda

MIND: Meditation, Hypnosis

SENSES: Creating Art, Dance, Music Therapy

EXTERNAL ENERGY: Reiki, Qigong, Sound Healing

BODY: Massage, Cupping, Essential Oils, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Reflexology, Pranayama

DIET: Essential Oils, Herbs, Seasonal Cleanse, Supplements


Sometimes you get to try an assortment all at once. This could happen during a training, a retreat or a workshop. When this opportunity presents itself, SAY YES! Getting the combination of reflexology with music therapy and Ayurveda over a weekend may be just what the doctor ordered for you. Get out there and experiment with all the modalities available to you to discover the correct formula for your mind and body.

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