7 Things Fit people do to Stay in Shape

7 Things Fit people do to Stay in Shape

Why do some people always look fit and have a lot of energy? They don’t even seem to be working at it – but they love smoothies, crave salads, and have a beer every once in a while and don’t feel the slightest bit guilty. It’ all about habits, the small things that add up over time and priorities.

I know I have gone through a plenty of phases of regarding eating, exercising, drinking, traveling and diet fads. However, I have let go of things that were not working for me and kept doing the things that made me feel good in my body and pain free in my sports.

Here’s my top 7 things that fit people do to stay in shape.

1. Hydrate. This goes without saying, but hydration keeps your body moving fluidly – no pun intended. You rarely catch me without a water bottle. Water keeps your body working in top condition and also provides energy to do anything you want to do.

2. No Diet. I have had my share of fads diets, gut issues, and sports foods. I also know the more you “try to stay in line” or deprive yourself of certain foods the less you stay on track. SO make your own path. Work with a health coach ( like me!) to find out what foods work for your body and let go of food that doesn’t make you feel awesome. I like to start with a clean eating program as my baseline.

3. Prioritise Health and Fitness! “Health is your greatest wealth.” David Wolfe.  It sucks to be in pain, have an injury, and lack energy so make it a priority to get out and exercise. I always say 5 minutes is better than no minutes. Sometimes it’s just a longer walk from the car to the store, or taking the stairs – but over a week those add up to calories burned!

4. Change it up with exercise and make it fun. Bind your passion – whether it’s a good walk on the beach, yoga, surfing, lifting weights or road riding. Do something that you will want to wake up and do, and change it up every once in a while and have fun!

5. Hang out with fit people. If you want to be fit, hang out with fit people! They will inspire you, challenge you and motivate you.

6. 10% of the time eat whatever you like, WITH no guilt. You know it’s not a make or break deal, you are not that one food. You are what you eat, so eat well 90% of the time.

7. CREATE and MAINTAIN healthy habits.

It’s your habits, all those little things you do everyday that count.  WHAT’s your priority? If you don’t have your health – you can’t take care of others, have the energy to do the sports you love, and feel confident in life and work.

These are just a sample of what you can do to stay fit for life.

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Live fit for life.

XO Christina