7 Reasons to LOVE Paddle Board Yoga

7 Reasons to LOVE Paddle Board Yoga

What is the story with Paddle board Yoga?

I had my doubts. Can you really combine a sport, a board and yoga?

I can only speak from experience, but YES YOU CAN! I love SUP ( Stand Up Paddle boarding) yoga and SUP and here are my top seven reasons (the benefits).

1. It strengthens your core and back. You tend to do easier yoga poses but in a calculated and precise way working with all the smaller muscle groups.  This allows for an amazing core workout while stabilising and strengthening your lower back.

2. It changes your perspective. It not only allows your to be in nature, but on a  moving platform. Things look different, you feel different muscles, your view is always changing, it’s inspiring.

3. FREEDOM. You’re outdoors in the fresh air, breath it in!

4. PLAYTIME! Don’t take yourself to seriously. I love playing around with different movements in the poses to achieve a better sense of balance. Yes, it may not be exactly what you do on the mat, but you are on water now so have fun!

5. It’s empowering. There is a strength that comes even when you master the simple poses on the board.  Be present, slow down and enjoy!

6. It will improve your paddle boarding.  Stretch your shoulders in downward dog then move on to a cat or cow to lengthen and strengthen the spine. This will help balance and improve circulation to overused muscles.  Even if I’m not doing a full class, I always throw in some yoga after or before a SUP.

7. It’s an AWESOME Challenge. Easy poses become more challenging.  Savor it! Then move on to the harder ones once you have determined your balance points. Go for it, the worst that can happen is you get wet!

Now that you know the benefits, get out there and try it.  You just may get hooked : )

Find me March 21 at Bucklands Beach 9-11 am for a SUP yoga paddlefest!

Happy Paddling and hope to see you on the water!