7 Reasons to INVEST in a Yoga Retreat

7 Reasons to INVEST in a Yoga Retreat

We see these yoga posters of beautiful places plastered with words like transformation, healing of the mind, body and spirit, renew and restore. I love immersing myself in the experience and culture.  I think there is something to be said about investing in yourself for a week-long revitalising yoga retreat. AND I have to say that those words, as overused as they may be, ring true.

There are a few things we need to remember about a traditional holiday and a yoga holiday.  First, a traditional holiday is all outwardly driven, almost a sense driven diversion leaving you with the proverbial “I need a vacation after my vacation!”

Coming home from this is sometimes exhausting, and can leave you with withdrawal like symptoms. IN a yoga retreat, the intention is much different. Retreats allow you to reconnect with your heart, reboot your health and literally restore your mind with like-minded people.

Here are my 7 reasons why to INVEST in a RETREAT and how it can be a TRANSFORMATIVE experience:

Instead of leaving you feeling like you need rehab ; )

1. You remove yourself from circumstances and connect with nature. Unplug and be present. You literally have few decisions to make. Everything is healthy and is taken care of for you.

2. CONNECTION. You meet like-minded people with similar philosophies, and it has an energizing effect.

3. Your yoga never ends with the class. You are free to talk, explore, focus, learn, ponder and mediate by yourself or with your new tribe.

4. You have more one on one time with teachers and yourself. It’s all about your discovery.  I love talking, learning and asking questions at dinner! Enjoy and be present your teachers and hosts are there for you 🙂

5. Mediation TIME. Freedom to take all the time you need on your mat.

6. It’s enough time to feel an effect and build a strong practice of yoga and healthy eating. This will lead to habits for life!

7. Healthy Adventure. Why not follow a great teacher to a place they know and love and have them show you “the best of the best” in the area?  It’s your stress free adventure!

Yoga Retreats can help you break through blockages, uncover strengths, and renew passion.  They also can leave you fulfilled, invigorated and revitalised!

Things to remember:

Bouncing around in yoga classes in Bali has a much different effect than building yourself up daily with yoga specifically designed for you.  Retreats can be transformative experiences due to the length and the daily foundations (and support) set forward by your teachers. Yoga classes can be inspiring but most of the time do not build daily toward a bigger focus. In a retreat week,  you develop a strong foundation and keep the momentum going to finish with much more than just a good sweat.

Whatever your intention either class or retreat, know that they both have their benefits. I love class when time is limited, but once a year a retreat is great way to reboot and get back on track.

The magic happens when you put yourself in someone’s hands, let go, and breathe.



AND if you would like to join me for your week of transformation feel free to email christina@swellfitliving.com or visit my website www.swellfitliving.com for info on upcoming retreats in Whangamata, New Zealand or Bali.

BALI: April 25- May 3 join me at Soulshine with some amazing teachers for music, mantras and yoga.  I am also taking a small group for a personalised boutique yoga retreat May 10 -16 and June 7 -13.  Sign up soon as space is limited. Hope to see you there!