5 Yoga Poses for a Stronger Back

5 Yoga Poses for a Stronger Back

Your back is your support. It is used in everything you do! That is why it is imperative that we keep it strong and healthy.

It is the foundation from which we derive all our strength – we lift kids (and sometimes adults), we lift furniture, we walk, we run, we sit, we paddle, we ski, we have sex, we MOVE, we rest. It’s necessary that we take care of it on a daily basis and these few poses done regularly can keep our spine lubricated, mobile and our back muscles supportive and flexible for any activity we like!

This 10 minute sequence of poses may save you a lifetime of chronic back pain!

**Take care when doing poses if you have back pain, and consult your doctor or your physio if you are working with an existing injury. **


Practice 5 rounds of this movement a day and your back will thank you.  Start on all fours, then go from arching the back like an angry cat to lifting your tailbone and your forehead to the sky.  Bring your vertebrae close together, then bring them apart. On the exhale your are bringing your belly button to your spine as an angry cat and then on the inhale you are looking up to the sky. These poses allow the spine to be lubricated and mobile.



When working on this pose for your back, don’t worry to much about lengthening the hamstrings at first. That will come, peddle out your feet and do this with a nice long spine.  Have your hands a little wider than shoulder width apart and lengthen the tailbone to the sky, pulling the belly button to the spine drop the head in between your arms.

This pose opens up the shoulders and lengthens and strengthens the back and hamstrings.



Lie on your belly and bring your fingertips in line with your shoulders, the elbows tucked beside your rib cage. Now roll your shoulder blades toward each other and down, broaden your collar bones and bring the chest off the ground while pressing your public bone down to support your lower spine. Open your legs wide if there is any pressure on the lower back. This pose activates the mid spine and strengthens the lower back muscles.

If you want more of a challenge, you can go into this variation of upward dog with straight arms and knees off the ground.


Everyone’s favourite pose! Bring your toes together, knees apart, and lay your body forward with arms outstretched. This pose creates traction on the spine and is a nice relaxing posture for the hips and lower back.


Last but certainly not least, this pose is the key for supporting and lengthening the lower back.  Bring your bum up to the wall, then slide your legs up the wall. Stay here to allow the blood in the legs to rush down into the hips, release the lower back and relax.  This pose can also help with insomnia and is great after exercise to reinvigorate the legs.  Think of it as a mini massage : )

Now your have some simple poses to support and love your back!

You can also incorporate doTERRA Deep Blue rub into your back support program. It’s an amazing natural anti-inflammatory if you ever get a little sore.  I use is all the time in sports massage, and I can’t seem to keep it in stock!  I personally love it after a surf, ride or run on my back and my quads.

Always try to incorporate natural relief for pain whether it be yoga, massage or essential oils.  That is what will keep you young, strong and forever fit.

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Happy Back, Fit for Life!