5 TIPS to be Alcohol Free for 90 days

5 TIPS to be Alcohol Free for 90 days

You are constantly working on being healthy and fit. You thought it was good a good idea, friends have done it, you have your health reasons, but now it’s your friends birthday and you want to celebrate. How do you stay true to your goals of a dry 90 days when “it’s only one glass?” 

My top 5 tips for success in creating different health habits including giving up alcohol.

1. Make a list of reasons you have made this decision.

And “for my health” isn’t going to do it – Go deeper! I wanted to glow, I wanted to look younger, go faster, have clear skin, be in a great mood, feel awesome, have brighter eyes, lose a few pounds, have a restful sleep, feel in control of my cravings, and be in the best shape I could be in.

2. Decide what you can use for a substitute.

I do this with everything I choose to lose.

Without the alcohol, I found Storm and India and Yogi Tea became my new best friends. I added almond milk, coconut milk or delicious honey to them and bought some amazing teacups too. I enjoyed sparkling water in a champagne flute with strawberries in the bottom. I found an “alcohol removed” cuvee at New World and used that for celebrations at home and friend’s houses. People would actually think I was drinking! I love using doTERRA essential oils in my water – Slim and Sassy, Grapefruit and Lime, Lemon, Wild Orange, and Roman Chamomile with Hot Water and Honey.

3. Use words like “ I am choosing not to” or “I’m not drinking now” that put you in a place of power and control. This is more positive than “I can’t” – which means to me “I really want to and may cave at any second.”

4. Choose to have happy hour walks, meet up for tea and smoothies, ride bikes, go down to the beach, meet at the gym… find other cool ways to catch up with friends instead of over a drink or a bottle of wine. I made tons of friends go for a walk with me around sunset and it was a great thing for both of us!

5. Realize that it’s going to get easier the longer you make it a habit. I found that just replacing the habit was hard at first, cravings will fade and people will understand, but habits take about 66 days to change! Once you have control and change your habits you will feel strong and amazing in your body and your mind.

Once you set your mind to do something for 90 days, it’s all about tactics!  On June 1st, I am going sugar free for 30 days using my tips! I hope you will join me on my journey or laugh and learn from my successes. You can find me promoting a healthy beautiful balanced diet combined with yoga and fitness tips to keep you glowing – on www.swellfitliving.com.  I also am a strong advocate for doTERRA essential oils and use them in coordination with all of my 14 day clean eating kickstarts – I feel it gives me the added support and cleanse I need to jumpstart the new season.  If you want to know more about what I do personally or my wellness yoga and foodie workshops and programs for beauty, pain management and the best health EVER – contact me today!