5 Tips for Starting Your Own Yoga Practice

5 Tips for Starting Your Own Yoga Practice

You’re charging forward with resolutions, lots of new found skills, and a passion to start yoga  – so now what?  For some of you, it started with a kickstart workshop with a group of motivated beauties – yes  Motivate Me New Zealand!  You’ve got the basics but how do you make the most with your time and your yoga.

1. Find a class in town that is an introduction or level one yoga class or find a teacher and some friends and make your own!

If you are an athlete, I like the types of yoga that complement the sport, not are the sport : ) Try for Vinyasa ( a flow class combined with breath), Yin (holding the poses for long periods of time) , or a fundamentals course for 8 weeks.  Shoot for 2 times a week, that way teachers will be coaching you thru the poses and you also get a clear visual of where your body should be. I find classes motivating and I love the community aspect!

2. Go slow – or at least pace yourself : ) 

What I mean is take your time, believe me it takes a little bit to stretch those muscles you haven’t before.  Enjoy the journey, challenge yourself when you can but be compassionate too. Back off if there is ever any pain at all. Yoga should reduce the chance of injury and pain.

3. Start a short home practice.

If you know it would reduce stress, promote amazing sleep, give you an overall sense of wellbeing, and a multitude of other amazing benefits would you carve out 5 – 20 minutes of your day to do some sun salutations or a headstand? Your home practice can put you in a place of knowing your own body and being present in all areas of your life!

4. Have a goal. 

Alleviate chronic pain, reduce the risk of injury, play sport forever, master the perfect handstand, take care of yourself, sleep well, look great in yoga pants, bring more presence and joy into your life. No judgement, but why will taking up yoga be important to you?

5. The 21 Day Challenge – Make it a Habit! 

It takes some time to start to or change habits.  Give yourself some time to warm up to it.  Do  classes once or twice a week, do 3 sun salutations and day, sit for set amount of time.  Then witness what happens!  You may be presently surprised, and pretty proud of yourself as well : )