My 4 Essentials 4 TRAVELING healthy!

My 4 Essentials 4 TRAVELING healthy!

You can imagine walking into the plane – touching all the bathroom doors, handrails and who knows what else in germ city.  Then to top it off every country is represented with anything you can image and the guy behind you coughs. What about the endless car rides – from back aches to motion sickness?


BUT before I reveal my top tips –  I want you to think about preparing and planing for a healthy and happy travel during the holiday season with the Lifelong Vitality Supplement (LLV).  I think they are THE best in the world! No joke, I was out of them here in NZ for a few days and WOW energy was lower than normal.  In addition, I dose On Guard the doTERRA immunity blend that includes: Cinnamon, Clove, Wild Orange, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. In fact, it’s in my diffuser now and sometimes I just put it in some water once a day to keep bugs at bay.  The little On Guard beadlets are awesome to travel with too.

SO here is my secret to success and happiness and health while in the air or on the ground.

1. Balance – Place this oil on the bottoms of the feet in the am to ground yourself, lift your mood and you can also apply on sore shoulders to reduce tightness. I love the nice woodsy smell of spruce, blue tansy, blue chamomile and frankincense. Deep Blue is also highly recommended for a sore back.
2.On Guard – I use the product line (from hand wash to laundry detergent) to fight germs and boost immunity. I also use the oil under my tongue or in water if I feel a tickle in throat or a cold coming on. Like I mentioned before use prior to travel and ON travel days too!
3. Frankincense – I Love THIS oil for mood, immunity, and younger looking skin. I put a few drops under my tongue in the am and on skin to even tone and diminish wrinkles.
4. Peppermint – Apply a few drops to the back of the neck to help with motion sickness, boost clear thinking and open the sinuses. Helps with asthma and allergies too!

Order some gifts today and support all the people you know with their own travel pack – you can even sneak in your favourite one. At least buy the lot for your self, your are worth it!

You can email me to set up a wholesale account or order from my site  Love to support your education too with a short consult on what oil and supplements are right for you or your family and tips to get you started. Enjoy : )


Christina your health coach and essential oil guru…