4 Habits FOR a Productive Day

4 Habits FOR a Productive Day

How you start the day is extremely important to success in your sport or your business.

Ever feel scattered or literally “where did the day go?” We all have the same hours in the day, so how do some people tend to achieve and produce so much more in one day?  It’s all about habits and health – if you feel grounded and energised you can have a peak performance day – every day.

Check out my top 4 habits to create daily success:

1. Wake after a sound 6- 8 hours of sleep, to a soothing alarm or with the sunrise.

2. Start with a short mediation or yoga.  I like to do a little of both.  I start with cat and cow, child pose, easy twists and sun salutations.  That way (if for some reason) I do not get back to my mat, I always have done my “practice.” Then I sit in mediation for 5-10 minutes. This prepares my mind to be focused and my body to be supple for the days events!

3. Exercise – Run, Bike, Surf, Snowboard, Swim, Walk, MORE yoga, Paddleboard, Gym Classes – Pick your passion and be super stoked!  Never feel guilty about getting in your time, if you fuel your fire you will be able to be more productive and powerful throughout the day.

4. GREENS – get them in!  Have a great breakfast, brunch or smoothie.  Watch this page or Swell Fit Living FB for recipe and ideas here : )

Love the life you live and start your day with these success habits or design your own!  Maybe you love to work out at night and stay cuddling with your partner in the am.  Whatever it is, make it a healthy habit that fuels you and creates a productive and focused day for you! Love to hear from you, so share your comments here or on FB!