The 3% Guy

The 3% Guy

I’m a 3% guy. It’s taken¬† a long time to realize what that means to me. But I find a lot of comfort in it. Years ago after a yoga class the instructor told me:

“If you do a yoga pose 3% or 100% it is the same benefit.”

Looking back the Instructor probably felt I was struggling and needed some encouragement. Which I’m sure I did.

People often say to me “everything works for you!” Which is untrue. I try many things and only talk about the things that I like or use. The truth of the matter is this: many times when I try something for the first time it will only work 3% for me. Yes 3% is a low number but I stick with it because at 3% I only need 33 things to make 99%. I find this to be very encouraging, and I wound like to encourage you to find things to make you 100%.

My top 5 things that I started at 3%

5. Snowboarding
4. Yoga
3. Neti Pot
2. Cooking
1. House Cleaning (I’m still at 3%)

toner-krishna-ghoraiHere is a simple facial toner recipe, that I’m 100% into. It is also a great deodorant.

Basic Facial Toner & Deodorant

 4oz. Alcohol Free Witch Hazel
10 drops Melalueca Essential Oil

Mix the two ingredients. What? That’s it?! Yes. Apply a small amount to a cotton swab and rub on your face, neck and armpits. You could also add 30 drops of Melalueca essential oil to a 12oz. bottle of witch hazel if you want to go all in.