3 Gift Ideas That Keep On Giving

3 Gift Ideas That Keep On Giving

Still trying to figure out what to gift some of the people on your holiday list? We all want to give our loved ones gifts from the heart that let them know we care about them. Sometimes gifts are given, received, and put away never to be seen again. Switch up your gift list this year with the following 3 ideas for gifts that keep can keep on giving.

1) Health Based Memberships

Is your loved one interested in starting a new sport, exercise routine, or better yet – trying yoga? Many gyms, yoga studios, and intro workshops are based on a time frame and purchased as a pass. Purchasing a class series or an intro series pass can be a quick & easy gift for someone that they can use multiple times and maybe even re-inspire their life. Even if your loved one is a seasoned yogi or athlete they will be beyond excited to have their membership costs covered for a month.

2) Essential Oils

Essential oils are making their way into the mainstream because they work! The uses for essential oils are endless and there are oils for everyone. Not only are they useful & safe but they are also very cost effective. Most essential oils come in a 15ml bottle which lasts at the very minimum a month if your using them every single day. Gifting essential oils may not only introduce your loved one to a new natural way of caring for themselves, but can also leave them feeling better for weeks to come! To learn more about essential oils or to purchase click here.

3) Downtime

One thing we can’t buy is more time, but we can buy downtime. For someone in your life that has everything, gift them some downtime either alone or with their significant other. Gift certificates to their favorite local restaurants or to the spa are wonderful gifts. If you really wanted to go the extra mile, go ahead and schedule the date or service for them (babysitter included!).


With gifts such as these, holiday gift shopping doesn’t have to be stressful. Not only will you be purchasing gifts that are creative, and have longterm benefits, but most likely you will be supporting an independent or local business as well. Make your gift list less stressful for you & more exciting for your loved ones by choosing gifts that keep on giving.