14 Days of Fit and Clean, Am I ready?

14 Days of Fit and Clean, Am I ready?

As most of you know I’ve been traveling and maybe even visited you to host an event!  During the past month, I have been to NYC, North Carolina, Salt Lake City and Breckenridge, CO.  Contrary to popular belief, I really like the comfort of my own bed, the sound of my Vitamix, a big fridge stocked with fresh everything and all my super foods neatly arranged in the pantry of my own kitchen.

I have had quite the opposite!  However, I have to say I have had the pleasure of inspiring the health in my wake!  Everyone I come to meet or visit usually join me from early morning runs, breakfast smoothies or chai almond lattes to hot power yoga classes – which I love!

Ola and Julie even coined it as “Christina bootcamp” : )  This week is no different, and I wanted to share my cleanse stories with you.

Here is a shot of my beautiful friend Julie Dreelin – new mom, professional wedding photographer, wellness consultant for doTERRA and yoga guru.  She has a 6 month old boy, Fletcher, and looks bright and amazing!  I have visited her twice in the last few months and we have taken our Lifelong Vitality Supplement, drank our lemon water in the am, powered through some bike rides and runs, visited our share of yoga at Duck Village Yoga and enjoyed the Slim and Sassy and V shakes in our power smoothies. We have also incorporated some Slim and Sassy Wraps too!  Super fun.

I have found that home is not where you are but who you are with – and I am so inspired by the amazing men and women I have met and spent time with along the way. You know who you are and thanks for making me feel at home.

REMEMBER this wherever you are you can be healthuy and inspire health, you do not need to be “home” or settled to do so.  START now, with me! 

Join me in our next cleanse, yoga, essential oil class or just schedule a personal consultation!  Contact me today to reach your full potential, I’d love to be part of your journey to health.

XO Christina