12 minutes a day to change your life

12 minutes a day to change your life

It just takes 12 minutes a day to change your life and attitude forever…

The more you know - the more you know. I honestly just keep hearing more and more amazing facts about yoga changing lives. AND that's just from my clients. I have been teaching yoga for over 9 years now and it feels like I've had millions of classes and students ask me if they can "take me home" - so I thought it's about time to enter into the living rooms of my "yogis" and "fit" friends.

I don't know about you but I love to spend my time doing sports and spending energy on things I love. I love yoga - and I want it to complement my active lifestyle and be productive.

So I started my mission...

I want to take the guesswork out of how much to do each day to be healthy, balanced, and strong in your life or your sport. I want people to get out of bed with vitality and strength. I want people to love their life and encourage their body to stay young and flexible. I want people to feel amazing and balanced everyday without having to spend driving time, parking time, 90 minutes or more going to a class that may be just "ok". My vision was to create under 30 minute practices to energize or revitalize your mind and body. Done deal. A five video sequence takes the guess work out of what to do each day - just do one a week and you will create strength, flexibility, and balance in your body.

It's a step in the right direction and I am only going to create more - once you've mastered this set - I'll launch another. Soon I'll bring other instructors in - who I love and trust - and we'll have a yoga party in your house. I'm excited for you to join in on the journey and be part of the movement. Off the couch and onto the mat, instead of into your car, out of your car, into the studio, into the sweat, out of the studio, into the car and no time for sport, family and life! However - if you do have time - I do love my community!! Get to a class or two a week and get into the yoga videos as much as you can.

Here's a few words of AMAZING - NESS from my new cycling videos. One of my friends and a cycling coach recently decided she was committing to 90 days of my videos...

" I have done all 5 cycling yoga videos. Love them. I did the pre-cycle one and loved how that made me feel before and on my ride last night.

Okay, so I've been doing the videos since the day after we talked last week so I started Friday. I'm on Day 5 and I already can't believe the difference I feel in my body especially when I wake up in the morning. I was feeling really tight in my lower back and I'm totally not feeling that as much.

There are some things in the videos that I can't do and some positions I can't do very well but I'm totally cool with that because I know I will be able to. Can you imagine how bendy I'll be in 90 days??? "

Here's the low down on my "perfect 5" for your busy lifestyle:

Rise and SHINE – The perfect sun salute practice to start your day.

Strengthen your back and shoulders – This is all about being kind to your back – if you want to stretch your back and open up your chest because they are feeling tight this one is perfect! Great for the end of the day.

Fly high to crow – A sequence to help you to open your hips and squat – the challenge is the arm balance – but don’t let that keep you from this video! You will be able to fly in no time with practice – easy to follow instructions.

Happy hips – A hip opening practice you will love if you sit, run or ride – opens your hips and feels great after. DO this one after your fitness routine or a day in the office.

Crouching tiger – hidden warrior – A short strong practice to help you fire up and strengthen your quads, bringing out the warrior in you. Squats included. I LOVE this one and if you have been to my class you know you feel like a ninja after it. Supple and strong.

These videos are for you if:

You are new- ish to yoga and want to start a home practice with easy options with some good challenges.
You are training for a run, tri or cycle race and want to complement your training with some all over body stretches.
You want short videos to do at home to learn the foundation of yoga with simple easy to follow instructions that will give you the most all over mind and body benefit without any time wasted – including travel time, deciding what class fits your needs, and you can still have energy to do your workout or run!
Videos benefits include:

Increase energy, ease back pain, better posture in sports and life, create strength and flexibility, OPEN AND STRETCH your HIPS (for all your runners out there), sound sleep, low stress levels, and increase your productivity - what are you waiting for...

To improve your life and sport today buy the set now. I promise you’ll love it!