Christina hails from Breckenridge, Colorado and is best described as a yogi-athlete-wellness advocate with a healthy addiction to all things outdoors.  As a goal driven person she has experienced professional and personal success across a range of different sports from snowboarding, rock-climbing and mountain biking to rowing, SUP and more. Yoga is the core platform that underlies not just her physical body but her personal outlook on life; she is a model of healthy living and her key professional ambition is to share her holistic approach to fitness through her coaching business; Swell Fit Living.

Christina’s style of Vinyasa Flow Yoga incorporates power, balance and flexibility to reduce injury and increase focus and strength. She has worked with all ages, and caters to all levels throughout her classes. Her expertise has taken her through many countries expanding her knowledge of yoga and studying many different forms. Her interest in introducing yoga to athletes stems from her own experience:

“I was snowboarding full time, running races and getting completely out of balance. I began to worry about injury and stress on my body. I decided that yoga may help with that and went to some classes – that was just the beginning of my journey. I use yoga to balance my sports and lifestyle of fitness; it actually changed efficiency and power in my sports, helped me retrain my body for running and strengthen my arches and knees to track in the right direction for an easier stride. It helped my core and balance for snowboarding and tricks and spins came easier. It helped my focus in surfing and ocean swimming. I started to design all my sports that I taught with a yoga for athletes focus – just 5 – 15 minutes a day and always a stretch before snowboarding or surfing”.

In her Yoga for Athletes classes she creates a strong flowing asana sequence with a variety of poses to balance the overuse of certain muscle groups in order to decrease recovery time and improve strength. Recently Christina has aligned her business focus specifically towards bringing yoga to athletes of all levels; amateur and high performance. She has developed a series of programs to compliment existing fitness and training routines to keep athletes injury free, flexible with increased energy that she believes ultimately enhances performance. In addition, her knowledge of the body gives her the ability to work well with tight and strong athletes, people with injuries, at all levels and abilities. She is currently seeking opportunities to build on her network of fitness specialists in order to work alongside and introduce her programs to more people.

Christina takes huge pleasure in seeing other people achieve personal breakthroughs and fitness goals, she is known for her authentically caring yet light hearted, sunny energy that propels people forward effortlessly, without harsh pressure. She currently lives in Whangamata and Auckland, New Zealand with her partner Adam.


"Every day fitness, yoga and healthy food is a part of my life. I am always training for a sport whether it is the season for surfing, running or snowboarding – I'm preparing.

I love goals and I also love to be fit and healthy. I don't see myself as winning the race as much as I see having fun participating in outdoor events.

I love the people I meet who share the same strong passion for wellness and I want to inspire and teach others to bring that into their lives."


Christina grew up in Peoria, Illinois and attended The University of Iowa where she competed for the University rowing team, while achieving a BA in psychology.

After completing university Christina moved to Breckenridge, Colorado - the global epi-centre of US snowboarding. In Breckenridge she snowboarded fulltime; she trained snowboard instructors and was the lead coach at Breckenridge Ski resort, eventually becoming the Corporate Teambuilding Coach and Facilitator with Bodhi. In this role she was charged with sales, marketing, facilitation and leading of outdoor creative and active teambuilding events. In the US summers, Christina travelled to New Zealand to work at Treble Cone Ski Resort in Wanaka.

During her years as a snowboarding professional, Christina pursued other interests and qualifications to develop her career in the outdoor fitness industry.

Became a rock climbing and mountain biking guide; obtained a degree in Outdoor Leadership from the Otago Polytechnic.

She became an Executive Director of the Blue River Watershed Group in Frisco, CO, which provided valuable community education regarding environmental impact of water usage and runoff.

Achieved a 600+ hour Yoga Alliance Certification from Nosara Yoga Institute. Christina has taught yoga in Costa Rica, Bali, NZ, and all over the US from NYC to Breckenridge,CO. She regularly attends workshops and teaching forums to up-skill and develop her personal teaching approach to bring cutting edge as well as the traditional forms of yoga to athletes just like her.

Spent a year at Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in order to qualify as a Certified Sports Massage Therapist. She also started to work with doTERRA essential oils to complement and enhance her health and holistic practice.

Attained a Health Coach degree from Integrative Nutrition, where she has solidified her education and knowledge in over 100 different dietary theories. All year, you’ll find Christina traveling the world from NZ to the US educating others with wellness workshops – incorporating yoga, fitness, food, and natural health care. In addition, she works with professional mountain bikers, competitive skiers and snowboarders such as incorporating yoga and healthy eating programs into their training regime.

During the past 8 years she has competed in marathons, a 1/2 Ironman, triathlons, multisport events, century rides, and even a surf contest in Costa Rica. She regularly snowboards, surfs, instructs SUP, runs, cycles and mountain bikes all in combination with her daily yoga practice.