"I believe vitality is key, and balance can be attained through accurate, innovative, and personalized wellness information.
It has been my quest for the last 25 years to learn how to perform better in life and career, get stronger, move better, avoid injury, steer clear of burnout, create optimal personalized nutrition habits, eloquently handle stressors and achieve balance. Today, I help teams, working professionals, and companies reach optimal performance and achieve high impact health transformations through my multi-dimensional and holistic approach to the mind and body. If you don’t use your body and mind to its’ optimal potential, you are seriously limiting your greatness."

Her programs developed from years of experience teaching extreme sports, yoga, corporate wellbeing, and high performance habits in addition to her education in psychology, outdoor leadership, nutrition, and sports massage. She is also an athlete, and it is from this experience she has developed a healthy obsession for helping others design lifestyles for optimum vitality. She has the ability to interject high impact habits on a subtle level and her coffee talks are an invaluable resource. You’ll find her in the company of top-level athletes and Olympians, and with a love of extreme sports she will travel across oceans just for another season in snow or surf. 

Christina now lives a global lifestyle in New Zealand and Bali, while hailing from Colorado. Her mission is to educate and empower people around the world to take control of their health and wellbeing with the use of powerful habits, personalized anti-inflammatory nutrition, accurate movements for achieving goals, and maintaining and balancing a lifestyle that is rich and vital. With a wellbeing and sport background spanning twenty years, Christina has a deep knowledge what it takes to achieve optimum wellbeing.

She takes huge pleasure in seeing other people achieve personal breakthroughs, she is known for her authentically caring yet light hearted, sunny energy that propels people forward effortlessly, without harsh pressure.


"Every day fitness, yoga and healthy food is a part of my life. I am always training for a sport whether it is the season for surfing, running or snowboarding – I'm preparing.

I love goals and I also love to be fit and healthy. I don't see myself as winning the race as much as I see having fun participating in outdoor events.

I love the people I meet who share the same strong passion for wellness and I want to inspire and teach others to bring that into their lives."


Christina grew up in Peoria, Illinois and attended The University of Iowa where she competed for the University rowing team, while achieving a BA in psychology.

After completing university Christina moved to Breckenridge, Colorado - the global epi-centre of US snowboarding. In Breckenridge she snowboarded fulltime; she trained snowboard instructors and was the lead coach at Breckenridge Ski resort, eventually becoming the Corporate Teambuilding Coach and Facilitator with Bodhi. In this role she was charged with sales, marketing, facilitation and leading of outdoor creative and active teambuilding events. In the US summers, Christina travelled to New Zealand to work at Treble Cone Ski Resort in Wanaka.

During her years as a snowboarding professional, Christina pursued other interests and qualifications to develop her career in the outdoor fitness industry.

Became a rock climbing and mountain biking guide; obtained a degree in Outdoor Leadership from the Otago Polytechnic.

She became an Executive Director of the Blue River Watershed Group in Frisco, CO, which provided valuable community education regarding environmental impact of water usage and runoff.

Achieved a 600+ hour Yoga Alliance Certification from Nosara Yoga Institute. Christina has taught yoga in Costa Rica, Bali, NZ, and all over the US from NYC to Breckenridge,CO. She regularly attends workshops and teaching forums to up-skill and develop her personal teaching approach to bring cutting edge as well as the traditional forms of yoga to athletes just like her.

Spent a year at Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in order to qualify as a Certified Sports Massage Therapist. She also started to work with doTERRA essential oils to complement and enhance her health and holistic practice.

Attained a Health Coach degree from Integrative Nutrition, where she has solidified her education and knowledge in over 100 different dietary theories. All year, you’ll find Christina traveling the world from NZ to the US educating others with wellness workshops – incorporating yoga, fitness, food, and natural health care. In addition, she works with professional mountain bikers, competitive skiers and snowboarders such as incorporating yoga and healthy eating programs into their training regime.

During the past 8 years she has competed in marathons, a 1/2 Ironman, triathlons, multisport events, century rides, and even a surf contest in Costa Rica. She regularly snowboards, surfs, instructs SUP, runs, cycles and mountain bikes all in combination with her daily yoga practice.