Chasing vitality

I believe vitality is key, and balance can be attained through accurate, innovative, and personalized wellness information.

It has been my quest for the last 25 years to learn how to perform better in life and career, get stronger, move better, avoid injury, steer clear of burnout, create optimal personalized nutrition habits, eloquently handle stressors and achieve balance.

My mission is to educate and empower people to take control of their health and wellbeing with the use of powerful habits, personalized anti-inflammatory nutrition, and accurate yoga/exercise for achieving goals, while creating a balanced lifestyle that is full of vitality.

Today, I help people like you reach optimal performance and achieve high impact health transformations.

Every day fitness, yoga and healthy food are a part of my life. I am always in training whether it is for a season of surfing, running or snowboarding – I like to be prepared and always feel strong. Creating healthy habits and maintaining balance are the key, especially with how busy life can feel. I use mediation much more than I used to and I find that is essential for my mental "fitness."

It gives me huge pleasure seeing other people achieve personal breakthroughs and I am very passionate, always evolving and continuously learning in order to bring best and most relevant information to you.

My programs are developed from years of experience teaching different sports, leading yoga retreats, and facilitating wellbeing programs in addition to my education in psychology, outdoor leadership, health coaching, and sports massage.